About Us

We are Peruvian Professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the food industry ensuring excellent quality products for the national and international market.


Maju is a Peruvian Mom of two. She knows how important it is for her husband Antonio and kids to eat healthy, even when they are looking for a snack on the go.

Living near the best cacao fields in the world she began to experiment with superfoods and chocolate. From Macambo seeds to Quinoa Pop to Goldenberries and Cranberries, Maju has developed more than ten innovative Peruvian Cacao inspired healthy organic snacks.

Now they have opened Green Sun Foods in Canada to bring these delicious snacks and share the exquisite flavor of Peruvian Cacao together with flavors of fruits, nuts, grains and seeds.

Maju and Antonio have succeeded introducing this new way of consuming snacks in the most demanding markets and palates.

Green Sun Foods was created in 2019

As a result of the family’s quest to find delicious and natural choices that could be consumed by the whole family.
After several days of word games, they came up with the name GREEN SUN FOODS


Natural, pure, organic, healthy, eco-friendly.


Life, fun, health, energy, purity and joy.

Playing with different words they realized that these two words put together represented what the company wanted to transmit.

A snack that goes far beyond delicious flavor and is always searching for the best options, offering added benefits for the body with incredible superfoods combined with delicious chocolate.

Maria Julia



Delight our customers with our assorted nuts and dried fruits dipped in dark chocolate with the highest quality cacao, increasing our market share through differentiation making us the best choice of healthy, natural, and fun snacks.


To be recognized as the company that offers healthy, sweet, and savory snacks with a high percentage of cacao. To be TOP of MIND when thinking of 100% natural great snacks and the best choice for the whole family.

100% Peruvian Product

At Green Sun Foods, we believe in our roots and know that our products have high potential and recognition worldwide, our Cacao is ranked among the best in the world.


We chose to work with chocolate because it excites and amuses us. We create delicious flavors so that you can enjoy the exquisite Peruvian cacao in different options and possibilities.