Mango Chocobites

Small pieces of dried mango covered with the best Peruvian chocolate (70% cacao). A combination of sweet and bitter that satisfy even the most demanding palate.
*Superfood, vegan, Organic, gluten free, lactose free and no artificial flavors.
75 g

Dark chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, unrefined cane sugar), dried mango.

Peruvian Cacao is considered one of the best Cacaos in the world.
• Reduces the inflammation.
• Helps to prevent cancer.
• Control asthma.
• Reduces the risk of diabetes.
• Helps the memory.

Mango is a Tropical Fruit from Asia.
• Improves the digestive system
• Combat gastritis.
• Helps control blood sugar.
• Fortifies the immune system.
• Antioxidant

Nutritional Table