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Wildly Delicious Organic
Dark Chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth with nutrient-rich superfoods and 70% Peruvian cacao.
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Ethically Sourced Peruvian Cacao and Superfoods

We believe in fairness and sustainability.
So we’re dedicated to sourcing organic
fair trade certified cacao.

Every product is made with thoughtfully chosen
ingredients and lots of love.
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The Power of Premium Ingredients

Choose from an assortment of healthy snacks containing nuts and dried fruits, coated in dark chocolate. Every product is made with 70% Peruvian cacao, harvested from the finest beans.
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  • Dark Chocolate Covered Pineapple

    Dark Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

    Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut

    Dark Chocolate Covered Mango

    Dark Chocolate Covered Goldenberries

100% Natural, 100% Delicious

Chocolate you can feel good about. Our products
are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Free of Preservatives



Free of Artificial Flavours


Our Mission

Cacao is an important part of our Peruvian heritage. We started Green Sun Foods to share our love of Peruvian cacao and superfoods. We hope you'll join us on this journey.
Our Story

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Our Loyal Customers

  • Shadia Brousset

    “After trying GreenSun there is no other snack for me. The combination of the Peruvian chocolate and the fruits is just from another world. I love eating delicious and with no guilt. If you are someone who loves sweets like me but knows how important is to take care of your health, then this snack is for you.”

    Michela Peschiera

    GreenSun is just the perfect snack for me and my kids, it has a lot of natural flavors and the combination of fruits and chocolate is wonderful. I totally recommend this healthy snack for all the family.”

  • Jean-Louis Mejia

    “Loved all the flavours!! It is the perfect snack for any time of the day. GreenSun enhances the dark chocolate with unique dehydrated fruit, making it so delicious! On top of that, I don’t feel guilty anymore for eating sweets, its natural ingredients and no added sugar make GreenSun the best option if you carve sweet and want to take care of your health!
    I highly recommend it!”

    Catherine Vasquez

    “I’m in love with GreenSun’s Cranberry Choco bites. They are mildly sweet and perfect for a morning snack. You can absolutely sense the quality and freshness of the ingredients. I 100% recommend them”

  • Susana Cavero

    “My family found in GreenSun a rich and healthy alternative with top quality products. It is an excellent option to send in lunchbox to school, enjoy watching a movie at home, and it has become a habit to take some to share when we visit friends. Now friends also ask us to bring GreenSun products whenever we get together.”

    Carlos Eduardo Navarro

    “On many occasions I always had a craving for a snack, something that would take away the desire for a sweet but without feeling guilty for breaking the diet. Since I tried GreenSun's chocobites I can't stop eating them before a strong meal! They are super delicious!”

  • Mauricio Moreno

    “My favorite pineapple with chocolate snack is always in my hand luggage, always on my long flights, and whenever I can eat them, I highly recommend GreenSun products!”


At Green Sun Foods, we make delicious chocolate snacks with nutrient-rich superfoods and 70% Peruvian cacao.

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